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SpeedTools Test Suite Pro - Mac + PC
Comprehensive Hard Disk Benchmark and Testing Suite for Mac and Windows.

QuickBench:   (Mac and PC versions included)

QuickBench is a simple to use but powerful hard disk performance benchmarking tool. It provides three built-in, industry trusted test suites which measure the performance of dozens of preset hard disk transfer sizes. Complementing QuickBench's built-in test suites is a configurable custom test option which allows you to design a disk test of virtually any size and duration according to your own personal requirements.

QuickBench tests your hard disks through the file system. In other words, QuickBench measures performance in the same way that your applications actually store and retrieve data. Testing in this way ensures highly repeatable, stable, real-world results. Other benchmarking utilities (which test the drive directly) bypass all of your system's real-world influences. As a result, they tend to produce “synthetic“ results which may have limited predictive value for your system. QuickBench can benchmark virtually any mounted writable volume and interface - including RAM disks, flash memory cards and networked volumes! Further, QuickBench is extremely safe since all of its tests are performed by reading and writing to a temporary test file, leaving your existing data completely untouched.

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Integrity:   (Mac and PC versions included)

Our Integrity utility is an application which began life as an in-house testing program at Intech. This simple to use utility quickly proved to be one of our most trusted disk drive testing tools. It creates a test file, writes a revolving data pattern to your disk and reads it back in, each time comparing the data pattern to the original. And, it does it all as fast as your disk and its interface can handle - showing no mercy to sporadic problems. You can think of Integrity as a "stress test" for your hard disk drive. Plus, Integrity is extremely safe since all of its tests are performed to a temporary test file, leaving your existing data completely untouched.

We've used this utility extensively over the last decade to diagnose problems with cables and connections, SCSI drive termination, ATA DMA timing settings and even monitor new Intech software products and drivers during their development. Integrity can test multiple disks volumes and partitions simultaneously and is compatible with nearly all mounted readable/writable volumes, interfaces and filesystems.

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ZoneBench:   (Macintosh only)

ZoneBench is a benchmarking application designed to measure the read and write speeds over an entire local storage device. That device can be either logical (such as with a RAID array made up of two or more disk drives) or physical (such as a single internal ATA, FireWire or USB disk drive). ZoneBench also has the capability to measure the speed of read-only devices such as mounted CD and DVD data discs.

Audio-video content creation professionals will find ZoneBench particularly useful to evaluate the minimum throughput requirements of their video capture storage devices and then use ZoneBench results to partition based on these requirements.

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System Requirements:

Macintosh:  MacOS X 10.2 or later (including MacOS X 10.6.x)
Windows:  Windows XP or later (including Windows 7)
One or more mounted, writable storage device
Only: $19.95
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