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SpeedTools Utilities Revision History (3.0 and later)

Version 3.9 (current release)


• Now fully compatible with MacOS 10.9 (Mavericks).

• Significantly improved volume backups performance.

• Added better number formatting for foreign countries (outside of US)

• Added "Rescan for Volumes" in File Menu.

• Provides several small cosmetic and functional improvements throughout the application.

• Added copy progress to Backup folder scheduled task events.

• Volume backup to compressed disk image now handles busy source files better.

Bug Fixes :

• Resolved issue which could prevent bootable backups from booting in late MacOS versions.

• Resolved issue which could prevent some scheduled activities from running.

• Resolved issue which could show the EFI partition of a disk in Volume List.

• Resolved issue which could draw disk and other icons as semi transparent or "Ghosted".

• Resolved issue that would occasionally prevent the application from detecting new volumes.

• Resolved issue which could leave the "Changing volume visibility…" window open.

• Resolved occasional Mounting / Unmounting status update issues.

• Resolved issue that could end scanning files for bad blocks before all files where checked.

• Resolved issue that could slowdown application startup and volume scanning if a network share was mounted.

Version 3.8 - 3.8.3


• Now fully compatible with MacOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

• Now code-signed for MacOS 10.8's Gatekeeper Security feature. "Mac App Store and identified Developers"

• Improved status information for Volume Backups.

• The SMART Alarm Status Menu now displays device location (i.e. "Internal bay 1" ) and other new information.

• Added several new Threshold ID descriptions (mostly for new SSD devices) to both SpeedTools Utilities and SMART Alarm applications.

• When performing a Volume Backup to external drives (with "Erase Destination" enabled), your Mac will no longer ask you if your want to use the drive for Time Machine after erase and remount has finished. Subsequent re-mounts to your external drives will continue to ask.

• Added MacOS 10.8 compatibility / code signing to SpeedTools Updater applications.

Bug Fixes :

• Fixed an issue that could prevent SpeedTools from starting up properly in rare situations.

• Fixed issue where displaying large icons could appear "bit-maped" in MacOS 10.7 and later.

• Fixed issue that would sometimes prevent the SMART Alarm Status Menu from starting at login on MacOS 10.7 and later.

• Fixed issue where sometimes the toolbar icons in schedule tasks would not show up.

• Fixed issue that could prevent you from moving the SpeedTools main window while a backup was in operation.

• Resolved an issue that could cause a volume backup failure and/or not allow the volume backup to be bootable under rare circumstances.

• Resolved several smaller issues throughout while running MacOS 10.7 and later.

• Resolved an issue where previous SpeedTools Updater applications could prevent QuickBench and/or ZoneBench benchmarking apps from running after an update was performed.

Version 3.7

Bug Fixes :

• Fixed: Issue which could prevent SpeedTools from starting up on case-sensitive HFS boot volumes.

• Fixed: Removed benign "autorelease pool" message posted by SMART Alert in the Console.

• Fixed: Removed possible application hang if the main window was closed while some tasks were still performing.

• Change: Reduced time-out during Check for Updates down to 30 seconds.

• Change: When using the Benchmark Volume feature (QuickBench), SpeedTools will now launch the benchmarking application with administrator privileges. This change will resolve "insufficcent privilege" conditions while testing late model MacOS boot volumes.


• Now fully compatible with MacOS 10.7 (Lion).

• Improved and/or optimized over 60 internal features and functions.

• Added ability to Restart the Finder (located in the Advanced Menu). This feature is helpful when setting the Show/Hide volume feature to prevent having to restart your computer to see the change

• Added "Current power source" line item to Smart Alert Status Menu

• Reduced idle time CPU useage

• Reduced application startup time (while Requesting Device Information)

Version 3.6

Bug Fixes :

• Fixed: Canceling a task no longer makes the application wait until the task fully completes in Mac OS 10.6.2.

• Fixed: Save Volume Info as text file now properly initially names the file with the correct volume name.

• Fixed: Disk Image location paths containing unicode characters are now properly displayed where applicable.

• Change: Removed the need to authenticate multiple times while performing various tasks/selections in Mac OS 10.6.x.

• Change: Removed the Preference item "Prompt for Update Save to Location". All update downloads will now prompt for a "Save to" location every time.

• Change: Unified Check Revision History and Check for Update into a single, tab-selectable window.


• Added ability to see which files are Fragmented and which files were unable to be Defragmented (with error code explanation).

• Dramatically improved scanning speed (up to 5 times faster) and significantly reduced overall CPU usage while Checking for and Defragging files.

• You can now quickly cancel defragmenting a file without having to wait until the entire file is completely defragmented.

• Added ability to Export fragmented file report to Apple's TextEdit, Clipboard and/or to a text file.

• Added ability to Scan and Repair Bad Sectors on hard disk media which is not mounted.

• Added Preference File Inspector. Identify and remove/repair damaged Preference (.plist) files across an entire volume or in a selected folder. New feature includes "Export" options.

• Main Window content area is now fully expandable and volume list is now independently resizable.

• Added "Common MacOS Error Codes" description table as a floating window. This window is accessible via the main Help menu.

• Added ability to point a broken alias/sym link file to a file/folder within a package.

• Added Last Update Check (Date and Time) to the Main Update menu.

• Added ability to open Volume/Device and Log Information directly in Apple's TextEdit application. This new Export option allows you to print and/or save your data as a PDF file instantly.

• Added Localized versions of File Type "Kind" to Analyze Capacity Usage Task where possible.

• Added ability to Cancel Mounting/Unmounting volumes.

• Added Inspect All Preference Files on All Volumes option to Advanced Menu.

• Added View Capacity Info as percentage to Volume Heading Information choices.

• Added shift-key (1-9) shortcuts to trigger Volume Heading Information choices.

• Added ability to add currently mounted disk images to Recent Disk Image menu.

• Added ability to to drag and drop items from the Finder onto the Archive Selected Items list (in Backup/Restore Volume task).

• Updated User's Guide to reflect all changes and additions.

Version 3.5.1

Bug Fixes :

• Fixed a possible issue where the application could stall during startup (introduced in v3.5).

• Fixed issue where some mounted volumes with non-MacOS file systems might not be shown in the volume list (introduced with v3.5).

• Fixed issue where some non-MacOS Extended volumes would be allowed to start a defragmentation run then quickly stop with an error. The issue was created in v3.5 and caused no consequence to the selected volume.

• Change: As of Mac OS X 10.6, Apple has changed the way that they calculate disk and file sizes. Prior to Mac OS 10.6, a Megabyte was considered to be equal to 1024 Kilobytes. With Mac OS 10.6, a Megabyte is considered to be equal to 1000 Kilobytes. This change now follows the preferred nomenclature of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and has the effect of making disk capacities and files sizes appear larger than they did when running Mac OS 10.5.x and earlier. As a result, we too have made this change starting with version 3.5.1 throughout the software when using Mac OS 10.6 and later. However, for comparative consistency across different Mac OS versions, all disk benchmarking tasks will continue to use the older calculation method (i.e. one Megabyte = 1024 Kilobytes) for the time being.


• Added ability to customize displayed information in the main volume heading.

• Added more information to volume information listing including: Installed MacOS version and additional ownership information.

• Added: On volumes where the file and folder counts are initially unknown (because they have a foreign file system), the file/folder display counts throughout the application will be automatically updated after performing one of the following tasks: Scanning Files for Bad Sectors, Find Broken Aliases and/or Analyzing Capacity Usage.

• Added the ability to export Volume/Device Information and Log Information to the clipboard and/or to an RTF text file.

• Added ability to copy the selected text from the Verify/Repair task output to clipboard.

Version 3.5

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed issue where Scan for Bad Sectors would sometimes clear the scan options checkboxes at task start.

• Fixed issue where Backup to Disk Image would not produce an appropriate error if the Destination ran out of free space.

• Fixed situation where multiple status lines in Backup/Restore Task would not be fully visible.

• Fixed situation where selecting "Check Smart every 15 minutes after login" would not always take effect.

• Fixed issue where a Scheduled Task Progress window might not show if the task had to wait for the selected drive to wake up from sleep first.

• Fixed issue where the SMART Alert application sometimes didn't start after making selections in the SMART Alert options window.

• Fixed various display update issues under MacOS 10.3.9 and/or on slower Macintosh systems.

• Change: Added a timeout when checking for new updates - this will prevent the application from repeatedly checking if the version server is down.

• Change: Moved "Hide Volume from Finder" Option from Volume Information section to new Volume Options and Settings section.


• Added New Animated Multi-View Task Selection Interface. New Task Views can be keyboard controlled (using left/right arrows keys + return key to select) and can be operated via your mouse's scroll-wheel and/or trackpad too.

• Updated numerous interface items and controls.

• Computer System will now be prevented from auto sleeping while a task is being performed in both the main application and schedule engine. However, manually selecting Sleep or Shutdown from the Apple Menu will not be prevented. If this happens while a task is in progress, the task will be paused and then will resume when the computer system awakes. The ability to override this setting has also been provided in Preferences. Note: Your computer's display will continue to sleep or go to screensaver as normal per your "Energy Saver" settings.

• Significantly reduced memory requirements for the following tasks: Find Broken Aliases, Analyze Capacity Usage and Find and Repair Bad Blocks.

• Added Ability to double-click a broken alias/symlink file name to reveal in Finder.

• Added CPU Monitoring Meter to main window.

• Added Capacity Available/Used and File/Folder count updating to Selected Volume Heading and in Volume Info section. These items will now update automatically in the application window on all real-time Finder changes.

• Added new application startup procedure and progress window sequence.

• Added ability to make a disk image backup of a secondary volume to a location on your boot volume.

• Added "Export..." feature to Repair and Maintenance Log. This will allow users to save a volume's log information as a RTF compatible text file or to the clipboard which can be easily printed, pasted or sent as an email attachment.

• Added "Export..." feature to Device and Volume Info task pane.

• Added New Schedule Task: Backup Folder to Disk Image feature.

• Added Volume Free Space Monitoring. If a selected volume's used space exceeds a user specified level, an alert message will be displayed warning you that the volume's free space is becoming low. Individual settings may be applied to different volumes.

• Background Schedule Agent will now auto convert from a unix-style startup daemon to a Launchd-style startup item on the fly -- if previously running MacOS 10.3.x and then upgrade to a later MacOS version.

• Volumes which are mounted from disk image files are now "badged" with a small disk image icon overlay in the main window's volume list -- for easier identification.

• Significantly reduced Main Application CPU usage while tasks are running (by as much as 70%).

• Added Several New Application Preferences (shown below):

1) Remember a Specific Task or Last Task Selected
2) Auto Select Remembered Task
3) Remember Last Window Size
4) Prompt for Update "Save to" Location (for MacOS X 10.5 or later)
5) Hide/Show CPU Meter
6) Allow CPU Sleep During Tasks when on AC Power
7) Allow CPU Sleep During Tasks when on Battery Power
8) Prevent All Scheduled Tasks when on Battery Power
9) Added Revert to Default Setup and Cancel buttons

Version 3.0.2

Bug Fixes:

• Corrected situation where enabling the Smart Alert "Post Alert Message" and "Send Alert Email" checkboxes would not enable related controls.

• Corrected situation where the main application would sometimes not startup if it was unable to find one or more non-essential system resources.

• Change: The Schedule Volume Backup "Destination" popup menu will now gray out (disable) all volumes which do not have enough total capacity to receive the amount of data contained on the selected "Source Volume".

• Reduced pause that would sometimes occur when adding several files/folders at one time to the Archive Selected Files list.

• Corrected an issue which would name a downloaded update file with two extensions (i.e. "SpeedTools Updater.dmg.dmg"). This issue is only cosmetic. The downloaded disk image file will work as it should when double-clicked to mount.


• Added icons to the upper navigation buttons in the "New Version Available" window.

• Added ability to cancel an update download which is in progress.

• Future Downloaded disk image update files will now auto-mount after download.

• If you have a "Downloads" folder, updater files will now automatically be saved there. If you do not have a Downloads folder (older MacOS versions), you will be asked to select a "save to" location for the downloaded update file.

• Added "Clear all Recent Disk Images..." feature to the "Recent Disk Images" Menu.

• Added "View Revision History" feature to the Update Menu.

Version 3.0.1

Bug Fixes:

• Corrected situation where the Smart Alert preferences would not always save settings on new setting selections.

• Corrected situation where the Find Broken Aliases function could erroneously report some "relative-style" symbolic links broken.

• Corrected situation where a Volume to Disk Image Backup could erroneously report success on certain types of failures.

• Corrected situation where some "helper apps" associated with creating a volume to disk image backup would not quit when cancel was selected.

• Corrected situation where Find Broken Aliases could fail if a large amount of broken alias/sym links are found.

• Corrected situation where Analyze Capacity Usage could fail if a large amount of items were found.


• Added the ability to "Update (Smart Status) Now" in Smart Alert Menu - if the previous Smart Status check came back busy or unavailable.

• Added Item size column to Archive Selected Items (Backup).

• Added log for Analyze Capacity Usage.

• If you have a "Downloads" folder, updater files will now automatically be saved there. If you do not have a Downloads folder (older MacOS versions), you will be asked to select a "save to" location for the downloaded update file.

• Added "Clear all Recent Disk Images..." feature to the "Recent Disk Images" Menu.

• Find Broken Aliases will now attempt to "bypass" remote locations (if location is unmounted). For these items the phrase "Unchecked location, volume is not connected" will be added to the link target column. This does not mean that the link is broken, it just means that it was not checked for validity. You should check these links manually by clicking the "Show in Finder" button before you Delete or Repair these items.